Dads and Partners

I’m regularly blown away by the determination, loyalty, understanding and care that dads and partners give when the person they love, grows a baby, gives birth and then transforms into a mother.

Supporting partners is something that I really enjoy. For them, this time is just as transformational as it is for the birth mother and sometimes this can bring up lots of questions, fears or worries, which ideally need to be worked through before they become a new parent.

My support for dads and partners may involve focusing on certain topics, like the physiological birth process, coping with and supporting the woman during contractions, what to do in different birthing situations (e.g. water birth, instrumental, caesarean section) and for the postnatal period, dealing with family life when it’s changed beyond recognition. I’ve worked with dads who are themselves suffering from trauma symptoms and have benefited from using the 3 Step Rewind Technique to help neutralise these feelings. I also offer a listening service for dads or partners who may want to debrief their birth or new parent experience.

These sessions are currently given on a one-to-one basis and there are plans in the pipeline for a dad and partner group.

Please call 07980 552232 or email for prices and availability