There is a dazzling amount of information out there for pregnancy, birth and parenting. I’ve picked just a few links below which I believe give valuable and reliable advice and which can lead you on to further sources of support and guidance. I highlight many more fantastic resources in my birth preparation sessions and on my Instagram page @birthstoryanna.


The Midwives Cauldron’ with Katie James & Dr Rachel Reed
The Ultimate Birth Partner’ with Sallyann Beresford
The Better Birth Podcast’ with Erin Fung
The Great Birth Rebellion’ with Mel & B
Is it Normal? The Pregnancy Podcast’ with Jessie Ware
The Birth-ed Podcast’ with Megan Rossiter


Why It Matters’ series by Pinter and Martin (Induction, Homebirth, Infant feeding, Trauma to name but a few, I highly recommend the whole series!).
In Your Own Time – How western medicine controls the start of labour and why this needs to stop’ by Dr Sara Wickham.
Reclaiming Childbirth as a Rite of Passage – Weaving Ancient Wisdom with Modern Medicine’ by Rachel Reed.




Birth Trauma